Online Course: Build a Money Making Email List To Sell Your Products

“How Would You Like The Thought of Having Your Very Own List of Hungry Subscribers You Can Mail Out To Anytime You Want?…” Every “guru” and so called “marketer’s” out there are telling you to build a list, build a list, build a list, the money’s in the list… You already know how valuable and powerful having your own list is — You literally make money by sending out an offer to your list of subscribers, providing you share valuable content. But how do you build your list with absolutely:

  • NO marketing knowledge
  • NO network of marketing partners and joint ventures
  • NO product
  • NO Offer, and
  • NO clue where the heck to start? Considering there’s so many things you need to know — Autoresponders, opt-ins, newsletters/ezines, writing emails that sell, what to offer to your list, monetizing your list, how to get subscribers to open your emails, best times to email and more.

It’s a pain in the rear! So I’ve done something about it, and I’d like to share it with you. Inside this e-course you’ll discover:

  1. Why having your own list is essential to your business. Knowing these facts will give you an advantage over the majority of online marketers who are doing it the wrong way.
  2. The bare essentials you need to get started building a list of thousands. Inside I reveal the sites and tools I use to build my list.
  3. How to write and design your “squeeze page” for maximum results. Use these special tactics to get as much of your site visitors to opt-in to your squeeze page.
  4. Psychological triggers that’ll make your offer irresistible to your site visitors. You’ll discover the most effective words that get maximum results.
  5. Why you should stress out the benefits, not the features of your offer.
  6. How to write a powerful, captivating headline that will surely get the attention of your visitors. Examples of squeeze pages and landing pages with the right elements.
  7. How to get heavy traffic to your squeeze page so you can build a list of thousands. Here are some tactics for getting people to your site.
  8. How to test and track your squeeze page for best results. How do you find out whether your headline is working? You test is. Here are free tools you can use to test every element of your squeeze page…
  9. How to milk your list for everything it’s worth. Building your list is one thing, and making money from it is another. Here are BIG ways to squeeze as much cash from every subscriber.

+ much, much more! On top of all that, you’ll also discover…

  1. 30 proven ways to rapidly build your list. Want to rapidly build your list? Here are 30 powerful ways…
  2. 10 different types of content you can send out to your list that always works. Running out of ideas on what to end out? Here are 10 content types.

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Kokoshungsan Pays You To Have Fun. Get Paid in Many Ways!

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Kokoshungsan Pays You To Have Fun. Get Paid in Many Ways!

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