How to Protect Children from Advertising?

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Wealth of imagination engenders wealth of opportunities. Traditional ways of site promotion are well known and are widely applied. Here we will talk about the methods that are usually left off screen. They include both expansion of standard opportunities and totally independent methods. A direct link saying nothing in the guest book can be an effective tool. Of course it is better if you write something ñ for example, you may praise a site where the book is located or on the contrary you are free criticizing it severely. And as if by the way you may mention that you know a site providing information on the same topic but more informative and interesting. You should choose the sites with as many hits as possible.

It guarantees that your ad will be read by many people. Origins are again in fashion. Most free mail servers attach their or somebody elseís paid ads to the bottom of your letter. Try posting your ads on notice boards ñ they must be brief, informative, and natural and the main thing excite interest. But there is one disadvantage here ñ moderators and site administrators canít stand flamers and spammers and they will refer you to this group. So, your ad will have a restricted time of location there. The above methods are easy in implementation. The following methods are more complicated but far more efficient as well. You can place one line java script on the necessary page. It will give you an opportunity imperceptibly to download another site in the area of one pixel. Due to this trick less popular sites obtain traffic from their more popular competitors. You should install different meters on them.

Your site has a section with interesting miscellany, music archives, and program archives and so on. You can insert html-page with description, help or a new portion of anecdotes into program archive. You can add frame elements tot his page and due to them some part of description will be down loaded from your web resource. There is a great variety of options to choose from when promoting your site. You donít like standard ones ñ turn on your imagination. It is up to you. But take into account the subject matter of the site. It would be odd to see the ad of tire covers on the women’s site. Just donít overdo it. Advertising becomes boring very fast and thus it does not enjoy success. Make a quality your first priority.

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Originally published at on June 8, 2020.



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