How To Generate More Buyers Instead Of Just Traffic

There are many ways to generate visitors to your website or blog. However as marketers, at the end of the day, the purpose of driving visitors is to earn money from them, not just for fun or personal excitement. I’m going to be covering some affiliate traffic strategies in a moment, but for now let me ask you this question: “Do you know why a lot of people fail to earn substantial money online?” The answer is: “It’s because they are not generating enough BUYERS.” Yep, instead of merely thinking ways to generate visitors to your website, you should think about generating BUYERS instead. To do that, there are 2 ways you can go about: 1. Have ENTICING sales copy on your website so that visitors are “hypnotized” to buy your product or service 2. Generate BUYERS instead of visitors to your website (this means higher quality visitors) The first point above means high conversion. The second point means BEFORE people even land on your website, they are already in “buying mode” — meaning they have their wallet ready in their hands ready to buy. Of course, the best way is to have a mixture of these two together. A visitor who is already a PROVEN buyer AND they’re taken to a sale page with ENTICING sales copy. We’ll save enticing copy for another day. For now let’s talk about generating BUYERS. How do you generate BUYERS to your website? One of the best ways is via Affiliate Traffic.


Because GOOD affiliates typically have already done the pre-selling for your product on your behalf before they send their visitors to your website. Good affiliates know that if they want to earn big commissions, then they need to pre-sell the affiliate product first. These affiliates usually have their own list and they can direct traffic to whatever site they want, and whenever they want. This is the good news. The bad news is that there are SO MANY affiliate programs to promote in your marketplace — why should they choose to promote your product instead of others? (by the way if you sell your own product but you don’t have an affiliate program yet, you better create one FAST and get it out there. Not having an affiliate program is one of your biggest mistakes…) It is because of this reason that you MUST make promoting your affiliate program as ENTICING and EASY as possible for them. As ENTICING As Possible To make your affiliate program enticing for affiliates to promote, you need to provide them with a HIGH VISITOR VALUE. Only then will you receive huge affiliate traffic. For example, for every visitor they send, they know that they’re going to earn $1 on average. In this case the visitor value is $1/visitor. The higher this number, the more enticing your affiliate program is and therefore more affiliates want to promote it. To provide a high visitor value to your affiliates, there are 3 things you can do: 1. Give higher commissions If other product owners are giving 50% commissions, you give higher commissions (for example 75% commissions). 2. Give a longer-than-usual affiliate tracking If other product owners are providing 60-day affiliate tracking, you provide tracking for 365 days. 3. Give commissions for multiple products instead of just one product

If other product owners are giving commissions only for that ONE product affiliates are promoting, you give commissions for your other products as well IN ADDITION to that product affiliates are promoting. As EASY As Possible To make your affiliate program easy for affiliates to promote, you better provide them with affiliate tools that they can easily use EASILY (think copy and paste). Tools such as banners, email copy, email and forum signatures, free training they can give away to their audience), etc. People are busy and they have their own schedule. If you want them to promote your product, you better make it as EASY as possible for them to do so. A lot of marketers and product owners make the huge mistake of thinking that their affiliate program is the ONE AND ONLY affiliate program out there. They think and assume that affiliates will definitely want to promote their product. This is totally WRONG! Unless your product is one of its kind in the world that contains some AMAZING features and benefits that can’t be gotten anywhere else, nobody is going to promote it if you don’t make your affiliate program as easy as possible for them to promote. Period. Driving traffic via an affiliate program (also known as affiliate traffic) is one of the BEST ways to generate BUYERS to your website. Remember, too, that traffic or visitors alone can’t do squat. They are not going to make you money. You need to find a way to convert them into BUYERS if you want to earn money from them. You might be thinking: “What about JV partners? Where do JV partners fall into?” JV partners are a type of affiliates. Think of them as “Premium affiliates”. You want to give them higher-than-normal commissions because of their “big name” or authority in the marketplace. JV partners have their own ego thing and if you give them higher-than-normal commissions, they will feel that they are appreciated since you are giving them kind of like a “VIP” treatment.

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