7 Warning Signs That She is Not Interested in You Anymore

To break up a relationship is a harder decision

when we talk about a long term one.

In most cases when woman is no longer interested

in a relationship she doesn’t want to be the one

to end it. But even when she is already made the

decision to break it up, she will take some time

to give you some signs to prepare you, before she

tells you.

If you feel that something is going wrong it is

time to take a closer look at your relationship.

Here are seven warning signs she is no longer


1. This is probably the most classic subtle

signal of all: her life become too hectic. She

hasn’t picked up the phone for a few days and

when she does, she is busy and pretending that

she doesn’t have time to met you. This isn’t

necessarily a sign that it is over, but if you

are used to meet her frequently then there is

something wrong.

2. Eventually, when she decided to spend some

time with you she keeps looking around to find

something to do or someone else to talk to.

However, when a woman is interested, she puts in

the effort by giving you her full attention.

3. She’s secretive and no longer wants to tell

you where she has been or who was on the phone.

4. Don’t forget that women love to talk. If she

doesn’t ask you questions and shows no interest

in what you have to say and when you ask her

questions she limits her answers to “yes” and “no”

she has a problem. Can it be the relationship

with you?

5. Is she causing arguments over stupid little

things? If nothing you do or say isn’t right

anymore and all that goes wrong is your fault you

can start to worry.

6. She refuses the presents you make. Women love

to get presents, so if she turns yours down, she

can feel guilty because she is thinking to break

up with you, especially if you know she was about

to buy that thing for herself.

7. She talks about divorce or break up of other

people relationship, as a positive thing. Maybe a

friend of her just has braked up with her

boyfriend and now she is doing much better.

In the game of romance, few things are black and

white. Most of the points above are assumptions

based on commonly used techniques. There is room

for interpretations and misunderstandings but all

this can make you wonder if everything is ok and

discuss the problems you might have.

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Originally published at https://press.kokoshungsan.net on April 1, 2020.



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