3 Easy Steps to Keeping Koi Happy

Most people build Japanese koi ponds, read a few articles on the internet and then think they have what it takes to keep their koi happy. The truth is that most koi die within a year because they are not properly cared for. The interesting thing is that it is not always neglect but the lack of proper information that causes their fish to die. Here are 3 easy steps to keeping your fish happy and healthy. Build an Adequately Sized Pond One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they do not build an adequately sized pond. Honestly, most koi owners do not realize how big koi can grow. What they tend to do is construct a small pond design and try to put in as many small koi as they can. What they do not properly anticipate is the growth of the fish. In a rather small pond, fish feel stress. This is why it is important to have adequate spacing. If you do construct a small koi pond design, then make sure you put in only a few koi fish. Though, as a rule of thumb, Japanese koi ponds should be rather large in size, and deep as well. Install Proper Pond Filtration Systems Another mistake that many people make is that they do not install a 3-step filter system. A simple filter is good for small aquariums but they do not work well for Japanese koi ponds. Proper koi pond filtration systems comprise of a normal filter, a prefilter and a biofilter. The normal filter helps remove any rather large obstructions. The prefilter helps to effectively remove fish waste from the water. Finally, the biofilter removes the ammonia that has been excreted by the koi. Pond Equipment Maintenance Finally, koi pond equipment maintenance is a vital part of keeping your koi happy. When the equipment works like it should, your koi will be happy. If, for example, the filters are not working, your water will not be clean and the koi can become unhealthy. Koi can be great as pets. They are big, colorful and instill a sense of calm in your mind. Unless you keep your koi happy, they will not survive for long. Fortunately, you can keep your Koi happy by at least following the above 3 simple steps. Just make sure you have a proper sized pond, install the right equipment and regularly perform maintenance. It is as simple as that. Source by Ethan Lumsden https://kokoshungsan.net/discover/3-easy-steps-to-keeping-koi-happy/?feed_id=303120&_unique_id=604b45fe05088




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Kokoshungsan Pays You To Have Fun. Get Paid in Many Ways! https://kokoshungsan.net

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