13 Magical Things to do in a Relationship

4 min readApr 1, 2020


When you know that you have found the perfect

woman for you, make sure that she feels the same

about you. You are crazy about her and want to

make her feel happy with you, that’s why you are

ready to make all the sacrifices to impress her,

to show her how much you care about her, or to

not permit that routine to come into your


With all this sacrifices to show her your

feelings, to keep your relationship as cool as it

was at the beginning, you feel that you have to

make something more interesting. That’s why you

should induce ìmagic ìinto your relationship even

if you are hopeless romantic or not. To add more

intimacy, love, understanding and compassion in

any relationship is always welcome.

So, here are some magical things to do in order

to impress your partner in a good way and

increase your relationship:

1.Surprise her by taking her lunch and coffee at

bed right after she woke up; if you didn’t do

this before she will definitely be impressed;

also cooking a pizza for her and cut it in a

heart shape it is very romantic; a woman will

always find interesting a man who is able to cook

for her, no matter what kind of food it is; even

if it wouldn’t be too tasty, she will appreciate

that you have tried

2.Set up a picnic in the park; even it is an

usually day, prepare all you need for a picnic,

go get your girlfriend and go for a walk; don’t

tell her from the beginning what you plan to, let

it be a surprise; a ‘ going out’ at a picnic in

the fresh air is always welcome and relaxing

3.Send her flowers anytime and anywhere, that is

unexpected; women love flowers, so sending her

flowers without any reason will demonstrate her

that you really care about and make her feel

loved and special; the most probably that she

will answer you with the same love you show her

4.Fill her apartment with balloons or something

she likes, maybe it’s a crazy idea, but it

usually works to impress girls; it will be seen

as a funny thing by your partner and remember

that some fun is necessary in any relationship

5.If you are good at writing, write her a poem,

or create a book for her with a special

dedication; this will definitely work if she

love poems; don’t begin to write a poem only if

you know that you are good at it, other way you

will screw up

6.Reading romantic poetry in the middle of the

living room on a blanket in soft candlelight, it

is a very good way to offer your partner a

wonderful evening; women are often more romantic

than men, that’s why they like to be surprised by

men with romantic ideas

7.Massages are always magic when done right;

buying different flavored edible bars to

experiment with each other can be more surprising;

but if you are not good at making massage, go to

a spa together and get a couples massage together

8.Go for a romantic meal; make reservations at a

beautiful restaurant and create a romantic

atmosphere with candles, roses and slow music;

offer her a night to never forget

9.Going for a walk at night and looking at the

stars and moon is almost such romantic as the

restaurant, and is cheapest; so it is not

necessary to have a lot of money to offer your

partner a lovely evening; it can be very


10.If you can afford it, take her in holiday in

an exotic place, like a beautiful island, only

you two alone, with sunshine and plenty of water,

where you will spend a wonderful time together,

and will not be disturb by friends, family,


11.But, if you can’t afford to go in a exotic

place, to the sea, there’s no problem; bubble

baths together are always magic times;

12.Surprise visits; surprise her with your visits

when she is not expecting at all; while you are

able to surprise her in a good way, she will not

lose interest in you

13.Don’t be afraid to talk sweet nothings into

her ear; make the woman feel good by saying sweet

and romantic things to her at any given time; as

i sad, women love romance

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